Following an impulsive late diagnosis of ADHD at 58, it threw me into a bit of a spin in terms of identity, grieving missed opportunities, and visiting the accumulated traumas of the past in terms of having been constantly shamed for who I was and how I was. I had lost all my confidence.

The impact on my life was significant, I was functioning slowly as if learning a completely new system. I became exhausted and felt stuck in the very “incapability”, but worse, that had accompanied me through life. I became very aware of my rejection sensitive dysphoria. So painful!

Through working with Helen, who it must be said has the patience of a saint, I came to manage my shame attacks more successfully, and catch the dysregulation quicker, and steer myself out of the spiral. I became so much more self-aware and mindful of my thinking, my emotional state, and the challenges. I’ve learnt that I can change my thinking, my sensitivity and my behaviours even when I’m 60. Helen has kept me on a healthy track, at times it was awful, and I thought I would lose my job, but the outcome has been so rewarding! I now understand myself, and how I function, so much better.

I’ve always found Helen to be professional yet very human, supportive and validating especially when I felt utterly crushed. Helen is very adaptable, committed and reliable, always on time, with a great sense of humour. My essential cheerleader! Jules

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