I was introduced to Helen by my doctor to assist with a 20/30-year-old problem that had gradually become worse, and I could not keep under control.

Helen’s experience and knowledge enables her to immediately recognise the problem and her questions, disguised beautifully as ‘conversation’ enabled her to ascertain the cause of my difficulties, that I soon learned was crucial and fundamental – so I could understand what it was all about – without which she could not have guided me on the road to recovery.

Helen made it very easy, and I had no difficulties ‘opening up’ to her so that she could have a complete grasp of the situation. The overall result led to a complete turnaround in my life. I can get on with things without reservation or fear. Helen’s help has meant a much better quality of life, better humour, mood and much greater desire to become involved. I cannot begin to describe the positive effect that she has generated.

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