An alternative solution to waiting lists


When patients don’t want to reach for the pill bottle or they require counselling support in addition to their medication, the wait for NHS counselling can be problematic.  In some cases, patients could be waiting over a year for a counselling appointment.  As a responsible and caring professional, it’s comforting to know that immediate counselling is available.

As a HCPC qualified psychologist with 20-years’ experience in the field, you can feel confident referring your patients to me for private counselling sessions.  I’ll provide them with the opportunity to explore their psychological and emotional issues in conjunction with, or in place of, medical treatment.


Visiting your GP is often the first port of call if you’re experiencing a mental health problem.  But a GP referral for counselling will often place you at the end of a long NHS waiting list.

If you need to speak to a counselling psychologist sooner rather than later and would prefer to pay for this service yourself, give me a call.  I can work with you as an alternative to medication or in addition to your GP’s prescription.

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